Release Notes

Release: 0.3.0

Special thanks to Paul Glass and Stas Sușcov for their contributions to this release!

Features and bug fixes

  1. Switched to Pike for module loading and searching
  2. Added support for teardown hooks - gh-#61
  3. Fixed showing exceptions from old-style classes - gh-#57
  4. Support dataset values to contain lists of dicts - gh-#56

Release: 0.2.1

Features and bug fixes

  1. Fixed –num-processes error - gh-#52
  2. Added extra error handling around except() - gh-#51
  3. Added Python 3.4 job to CI

Release: 0.2.0

Features and bug fixes

  1. Switching to only showing error/failed expectations by default. The old style of showing all expectations is still available through the –show-all-expects cli argument - gh-#46
  2. Adding support for the Specter report JSON format - gh-#12
  3. Fixing the summary report colors to reflect the actual test results. - gh-#44
  4. Added the ability for reporters to add their own cli arguments
  5. Breaking reporter contract by switching from subscribe_to_describe(self, describe) to subscribe_to_spec(self, spec). This is due to the slow removal of the “describe” terminology in Specter.

Release: 0.1.15

Features and bug fixes

  1. Fixing PyPI package number - gh-#43

Release: 0.1.14

Features and bug fixes

  1. Fixed integration - gh-#36 gh-#40
  2. Fixed coverage reporting in parallel mode - gh-#40
  3. Fixed duplicated traceback information on errors - gh-#42
  4. Fixed difficult to trace error messages with expected parameters - gh-#41
  5. Added support for execution of specter through Coverage (i.e. coverage run -m specter)

Release: 0.1.13

Features and bug fixes

  1. Added clean test state per suite - gh-#37 gh-#13
  2. Added basic parallel testing - gh-#3
  3. Fixed xUnit test class path
  4. Fixed standard reporter to not be red all the time - gh-#28
  5. Fixed be_in() assertion - gh-#34
  6. Fixed metadata decorator not re-raising assertions - gh-#35

Release: 0.1.12

Features and bug fixes

  1. Fixing packaging issue where it wasn’t including the specter.reporting package.

Release: 0.1.11

Special thanks to John Wood for his contributions to this release!

Features and bug fixes

  1. Fixed Jenkins unicode error - gh-#27
  2. Refactored reporting system to be plugin centric - gh-#21
  3. Added no-color mode for CI systems - gh-#19
  4. Added xUnit output reporter - gh-#10
  5. Added duplication filter on data-driven dataset items - gh-#6
  6. Added console output of parameters on a failed data-driven test - gh-#2
  7. Added error line indicator on tracebacks
  8. Added checks and x’s as pass/fail indicators